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Perennity and our Innovation in value

Building on Perennity's long-standing tradition, we identify specific solutions that add value for customers, shareholders, and collaborators.

We provide solutions that complement what customers already have yet require a specific workflow to enhance their efficiency and productivity. Perennity Enterprise PLUS solutions offer a comprehensive 'end-to-end' workflow product addressing the needs of these customers.

All Perennity Enterprise PLUS solutions are "Vendor Neutral", ensuring complete interoperability with any other workflow currently in use.

Extraordinary Services

Why choose Perennity Enterprise PLUS?

Our clients value our empathy towards them, meaning that we put ourselves in their shoes and ensure that our solutions consider, at the very least, the following aspects:

  • Simplicity of our solution
  • Functionality
  • Performance (excellent response time)
  • Adaptation to their policies
  • Coexistence with their legacy applications, when applicable
  • Integration and connectivity
  • Security
  • Additional administration tools (Quality Management, Performance Reports, etc.)
  • Backup and disaster recovery tools
  • Service and availability
  • Proactivity
  • Teamwork

Our goal is for the system to work for our clients, not for our clients to work for the system.

Extraordinary Solutions

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